that first bite

2 01 2008

My first experience with growing your own vegetables was in my mother’s garden when I was eleven or twelve years old. I don’t remember her sowing the seeds, or toiling away in the soil, but I do remember the first time she asked me to pick peas before dinner. I went outside and started pulling them off the vines. After a few moments, I decided to try one and, to this day, I can still taste the crunchy sweetness of that first bite.

I rediscovered fresh, local food this past summer after reading The 100 Mile Diet. Previously, I had never thought about how our consumer choices are directly related to our carbon-footprints. Local food became an obsession that woke me up almost every Saturday morning and sent me to our local farmer’s market. But by the end of the season, I realized that growing my own vegetables might be easier on the pocketbook.

It’s not growing season yet, but lately I have been looking longingly out at my snow-covered yard. My brother has promised me some heirloom seeds, so this morning I surfed Greta’s Organic Seeds, trying to decide what to grow next summer. Looking at all the different vegetables, I kept having to remind myself to start small. I’m just a neophyte, but here’s to hoping I’ll hit pay dirt with this garden.




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7 04 2008
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14 05 2008
the garden path « hit pay dirt

[…] ate my homework kind of excuse’ but not a fair one either if you stop to think about why I started this blog. So here is an update on some of my gardening activities of late – actually OUR gardening […]

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