mm mm good!

4 01 2008

Campbell's Soup Can by Andy WarholI’m usually a brown-bagger for lunch. We have a cafeteria in the building where I work, but I rarely go there – only when I’m in dire straits for food at home, and can’t prepare a proper lunch, or for a very guilty pleasure when I am jones-ing for a grilled cheese and tomato.

But where does my guilt come from when I bite into that greasy grilled sandwich, and what makes a proper lunch? With a mother as a dietitian, I used to think it was a meal balanced in accordance with Canada’s Food Guide. Lately, I’m starting to think it’s more than that.

Today for lunch, I slurped away on homemade tomato soup, made with tomatoes that were grown just a few kilometers from my home. I can remember bicycling back from the stand where they were being sold, coring and slicing each one, and the smell of tomato sauce filling the house as it bubbled away in the kitchen. Two days ago, I pulled a portion of the sauce out of the freezer and prepared it using a rich soup stock my husband had made earlier in the week. We sat down and enjoyed the soup for dinner together, discussed its unique flavour, and knew that the soup could never be exactly reproduced. Today, I tasted the soup’s journey once again. This, to me, is a proper meal.




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