muddied waters

11 01 2008

I’m taking tap water back. That’s right. Lately, I’ve been engaging in some political action with my plumbing: I’ve been drinking tap water.

Like many other people, I jumped on the Brita bandwagon when the jugs first came out. I thought they were a great idea – clean, filtered water available in your own home! Imagine that. But wait – I pay my local municipality for potable water. What kind of up-selling is this? A pretty good one when it took me over a decade to realize the marketing genius behind Brita’s products. It was David Suzuki who first got me thinking about this, and since then my Brita jug has been sitting high and dry.




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8 03 2008
treats « hit pay dirt

[…] As much as I try to purchase locally, I don’t have the time, money or energy to eat 100% local all the time. It would be lovely if I did, but I have to be realistic and I can’t afford to do that. I’d lose my job, my husband or my sanity and those are trade-offs I’m not going to make. So, what about changing my mindset for times when I consume something that isn’t 100% local? Well, I realized that this gentleman’s approach was a good one. Instead of shrugging my shoulders when there’s orange juice in the fridge and I get thirsty, I can recognize that the glass of OJ is a treat – and one that I shouldn’t take lightly when there’s water in the tap. […]

28 04 2008
my crowning glory « hit pay dirt

[…] water systems, and gosh-darn-it! -aren’t-they-awesome!!! Well… you already know how I feel about filling up my Brita, and I’m afraid most other capitalist water filtration systems are going to fall on the same […]

11 11 2008
October ELC ‘08: What Was Local on My Plate? « hit pay dirt

[…] Butter Bread Cheese Eggs Honey Kidney beans Yogurt Apples Beets Bok choy Brussel sprouts Broccoli Carrots Cauliflower Cranberries Fennel Foraged mushrooms Garlic Green beans Kale Lettuce Onions Potatoes Summer squash Sweet potatoes Swiss chard Tomatoes Watermelon Apple Cider Cranberry Juice Milk Herbal tea Water (local and from the tap) […]

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