open pollan-ation

14 01 2008

It seems like Michael Pollan is everywhere these days. He just published his fifth book, titled In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto. The other day, I heard him interviewed on The Current, which you can listen to here (in Part 3 of the show). He talks about how little we really understand of food science – despite the myriad of research papers out there – and he questions what constitutes healthy eating.

I look at my lunch today, which contains tofu that came in a package, and now question my perception of its health benefits. But it’s not just my tofu that I question, it’s our society’s approach to food. I purchased a muffin and coffee today from our local coffee roaster, and (gasp!) consumed them in front of my computer at work. Michael Pollan makes me wonder, “Am I really eating?”




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