local connection… tofu

24 01 2008

I like supporting local businesses. Sure, they reduce my carbon footprint, but they also make me feel a part of something. Since I returned to the Ottawa area a few years ago, I’ve been buying tofu products from La Soyarie. Their burgers are *hands down* the best tofu burgers I’ve ever tasted, and they’re made less than 50 kilometers from my house.

But while locally-produced is good, locally-sourced is divine. I wanted to know where they got their soy beans from, so a few days ago I emailed them. Here is their reply:

Hi Gillian,

Thank you for taking your time to write to us. We are happy that you are enjoying our products. We buy both conventional and organic soybeans from a company called Hedrick Seeds in Ontario just about an hour drive from Ottawa. The following link is their homepage, for your information.

I hope it satisfies your inquiry.

It certainly did satisfy my reply. First of all, HURRAH for finding out that the product is even more local than I knew before. Second of all, I now feel a connection to the land where my food is coming from. I know that the next time I am south of Ottawa, I’ll look for the farms growing my soy beans. Somehow that makes me feel a part of something special.



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