rhubarb, how do i love thee?

26 01 2008
Let me count the ways, starting with this recipe for rhubarb vodka, adapted from one by Nigella Lawson. This drink reminds me of June, the month when all I want is more, and more, and more fresh rhubarb. In the winter months, I pour it into a glass and watch the light play tricks with it. And the taste? Oh, the taste sends me over the moon!

Rhubarb Vodka

1.5 lbs chopped rhubarb
1.14L vodka
1 1/4 cups of sugar

Divide the rhubarb, sugar and vodka into some sterilized jars and cap tightly. Shake them all up and store in a dark place. (I leave mine in the fridge.) Shake the jars regularly over the next few weeks. Serve chilled, and share only with your most cherished friends.




9 responses

28 01 2008

Exquisite color in that liquor!

1 02 2008

Mmmm. Imagine a rhubarb pie, using Rhubarb Vodka to replace the water in the pie crust dough!!!

13 03 2008
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27 05 2008
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12 06 2008
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24 06 2008
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17 04 2009

this Nigella recipe is awsome indeed, my friends like it so much that they ask “do you have it this year” when they visit 😉

But I’m wondering though how you got this color (even more intense than the original recipe), mine is greener like the peeled rhubarb. Is it the rhubarb variety, do you use forced fhubarb, … ?

18 04 2009

I’ve made this recipe several times and each time the colour is slightly different. I don’t peel the rhubarb nor force it. I have to agree that the batch that appears in this photo has the best colour. I suspect I used more of the pink stalks and fewer green stalks to get this colour but it really is anyone’s guess. Good luck with your next batch!

17 06 2009
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