6 weeks and counting

30 01 2008

The garden seeds are in!!! I’m so excited! And it seems silly, because I’m willing to bet that six months from now I won’t be feeling quite so amorous towards these seeds. The time will come when I question why I created a gardening bed in the first place. But for now I feel LOVE! It is amazing to know that each seed contains enough magic within to grow a plant, and then to produce vegetables on top of that. Wow.

I’m so eager to get this garden started that if I didn’t know better I’d probably have the seeds in little pots right now. Thankfully, my better half ordered me a subscription to Harrowsmith Country Life magazine, and the first issue arrived last week with an article about starting seeds. And it said, “ABSOLUTELY NO WAY should you start your seeds early.” So I held back. Instead I wrote the dates for starting each type of seed on my calendar. I start the first set in six weeks. So let the countdown begin!




One response

30 01 2008

It is hard to hold back on the starting of your seeds when you get them. Planting time is still two months away here 🙂

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