size matters

6 02 2008

One thing that’s been on my mind since I decided to grow a garden is the SIZE of it. I’m lucky enough to have a large yard and the layout doesn’t predict the size of the bed (or beds!) for me. So how big should that garden plot be? I need to figure this out soon because it will dictate how many seeds I start next month. My better half – who is better for many reasons, but in this case it’s for his carpentry skills – has promised to help me build the bed frames. Now I have to calculate their size. Thankfully I came across this post by Mike over at Tiny Farm Blog. It contains formulas for plants per bed, seeds per bed, and more. Now I just have to get out my calculator!!




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6 02 2008

Have you thought about rotation yet. That was the first problem for me. I found with the 3 or 4 year rotation schemes that I had far more going into one section than in the others. I’ve finally settled on a 7 year rotation scheme so I need 7 equal sized areas.

Thats my starting point. From there I’m going to work out how many beds I can fit in, remembering to make allowances for the paths between the beds and then I will be using Mike’s formulas to at least make a start on formalising what I need.

Like you though, I’ve bought seed first 😀 There is so much to learn isn’t there?

7 02 2008

Ever think of starting small, see how it works (ie fits into your daily schedule) then next year you can recalculate based on your experience?

7 02 2008

Starting small is a good idea, but right now I’m so excited by all the growing possibilities that sometimes I find it hard to reign myself in. I probably need that reminder though. I don’t want to lose my sanity this summer.

And I’d never even thought about crop rotation – thanks Deborah! I think I need to look into this even more before I decide the bed sizes.

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