putting their hearts in it

13 02 2008

It’s such a treat to have wonderful food prepared for you. So my beloved and I will be treating ourselves to a Valentine meal at Castlegarth Restaurant.

If you’re ever in the Ottawa Valley, you HAVE to make room for a least one meal at Castlegarth. They were the first restaurant that I ever heard talking about local food – and they seem miles ahead of everyone else. When you’re there, ask about their restaurant garden. During our first meal there – two summers ago – we commented on the tomatoes that were served in our salads. The next thing we knew our server was giving us an impromptu tomato-tasting session with tomatoes that had been picked by the owners that afternoon. Needless to say, we have been dedicated fans of Castlegarth ever since.




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1 06 2008
wild abandon « hit pay dirt

[…] in a foraged dinner, produced and prepared by Matthew and Jen at Castlegarth Restaurant. I’ve mentioned Castlegarth before. As far as I’m concerned, Matthew and Jen were doing local food before the phrase existed. […]

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