wrapped up in our world

19 02 2008

Do you ever catch yourself getting a little too wrapped up in your own little world? The past few weeks, I’ve been feeling somewhat uninspired to write about local food. I’ve even eaten a few oranges this month (gasp!). I fell off my own bandwagon, and I thought to myself “Who will notice? It’s February.” This is hardly the example that I want to be.

But then I logged on today and saw this lovely post by Amber at Unstuffed. I’ve been reading her blog since she started it, grateful to know that there are others who consider their impact on this Earth to the same degree that I do. We don’t always get a response from nature when we choose not to accept a plastic bag, or choose to reduce our consumption in some way. So it’s nice to know when your efforts are getting noticed in other ways. Thanks Amber! 🙂




2 responses

20 02 2008

I wouldn’t be doing what I do if I hadn’t gotten some encouraging words from people just when I needed them most.
And if I can pass encouraging words on to others, then I’m happy!
I think your blog is great and the work you’re doing inspiring and important.

12 03 2008
Chris Nolan.ca

“Who will notice?”

There are eyes everywhere

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