3 03 2008

A few weeks ago, I chatted with a member of a local committee that I’m on. We both share a passion for local eating and we were comparing strategies and thoughts. He told me that his kids ask him before having a glass of juice. He’s raised them to see juice as a treat, rather than something that just satisfies thirst. This made me pause in thought.

As much as I try to purchase locally, I don’t have the time, money or energy to eat 100% local all the time. It would be lovely if I did, but I have to be realistic and I can’t afford to do that. I’d lose my job, my husband or my sanity and those are trade-offs I’m not going to make. So, what about changing my mindset for times when I consume something that isn’t 100% local? Well, I realized that this gentleman’s approach was a good one. Instead of shrugging my shoulders when there’s orange juice in the fridge and I get thirsty, I can recognize that the glass of OJ is a treat – and one that I shouldn’t take lightly when there’s water in the tap.




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11 03 2008
local connection… coffee « hit pay dirt

[…] I have several metres of snow in my backyard, so this should come as no surprise. But with my new treat mentality, rather than avoid the issue, I sip on coffee when I make a conscious decision to do […]

25 03 2008
meat me in the middle « hit pay dirt

[…] ready to give up meat, perhaps you can start thinking of it as a treat, rather than a staple. This treat mentality could do a lot to change your […]

26 03 2008

my mom used to enforce the “glass of water first” rule before we could have juice, kool-aid, etc. after which, of course, you no longer feel like the latter.

26 03 2008

That’s a GREATidea for kids – actually adults too. Sometimes having a simple ‘rule’ like that gets you past the craving.

9 04 2008
my subconscious is working against me « hit pay dirt

[…] So what do I find deep in the downtown jungle – to the left, to the right, and across the street? Coffee shops! Good ones! Fair-trade-I-can-still-pretend-I’m-virtuous ones! I was walking back from one of them just a short while ago, when I remembered myself and my new treat mentality. […]

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