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11 03 2008

alright… I know coffee is NOT grown locally. I have several metres of snow in my backyard, so this should come as no surprise. But with my new treat mentality, rather than avoid the issue, I sip on coffee when I make a conscious decision to do so.

When I do indulge, I purchase coffee that has been roasted locally. Equator Coffee roasts in Almonte, Ontario – which is definitely within my 100 miles (in fact I think it’s within 1000 metres of my morning putter, but who’s counting :P).

I know that not everyone has the luxury of a local roaster, but even fewer of us have the luxury of coffee grown locally. And those of us who do have it grown locally, it can still pose a challenge finding it. When I lived in Ecuador, I was within a hop skip and a jump of coffee beans on the bush, but all I could find in the grocery store was Nescafe.

By choosing a local roaster, I reduce my cup’s food miles much more than if I were to purchase it at the busy coffee chain just next to my office. And by choosing to see coffee as a treat, I reduce my lifestyle’s imprint.

Oh and one more thing – if you can stand to listen to me for just a little bit longer on my soapbox – that paper or UGH styrofoam cup that holds the coffee… well, it’s just NOT necessary. Bring a mug with you – wherever you go – or resist the treat.




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12 03 2008

With something like coffee (we all need treats, mine is tea), if you purchase a ‘Fairtrade’ version you know that the pickers/ producers are getting a fair price and that you are helping them too.

12 03 2008

That’s another reason I like Equator coffee, Deborah! It’s fair-trade certified too. Thanks for pointing out the importance of fair-market trading.

21 03 2008

Good point about local roasting — we’ve got two local roasters here in Eugene that aim for sustainability (and not to mention excellent coffee). The odd thing is that our local Safeway carries one of them, Café Mam. Go Safeway! I never thought I’d say that.

22 03 2008

WOO HOO SAFEWAY! And woo hoo to any other grocery chain that supports local producers. I keep harassing my local chain store to carry more local products. Yes, I can be a pain. 😀

9 04 2008
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