food vs. fuel Part II

13 03 2008

Forgive me, in my overzealous typing this morning, I wrote that oil derived from algae has 1000 times the production yield of corn- and soy-based ethanol. That number is certainly debatable – a more realistic figure would be 50 -100. And 50 – 100 times the yield is still huge, but I should have been more careful with my number-tossing.

Since that post, this post appeared on the WiredBlog Network, further emphasizing that corn-based ethanol is not the way to go. As many have pointed out, to get rid of the food vs. fuel debate, you have to remove food from the equation, and look at crops such as algae, jatropha, switchgrass and poplar.

Tomorrow – that’s Friday – you can listen to CBC’s Ontario Today to hear about how Ontario farmers are looking to corn-based ethanol as a cash crop. For anyone who can, I recommend you call in and ask the hard questions.




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