all teary-eyed

17 03 2008

There are those of you out there for whom this warning isn’t necessary, but for everyone who is like me…

Warning: When planting hot pepper seeds, DO NOT rub your eyes immediately afterwards.

Somehow it didn’t register with me that I need to treat hot pepper seeds for planting exactly the same way that I treat the ones that I use to spice up my pasta sauce. Now, I know.

And yes, this weekend I finally got started on my seed planting. I’ve got hot peppers and eggplants in plugs. It was superfast and easy, not nearly the arduous task that I imagined. Somehow I thought planting seeds would involve the same level of effort and mess as transplanting a plant. Not so.

So now it’s sit and wait time. At least until it’s time to start the next batch of seeds!




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