in my backyard

1 04 2008

My friend Hilary is so freaking cool. And I’m only just beginning to realize the depths of her coolness. She runs a CSA and does a little bit of selling to the local farmer’s market. This woman has more tomato varieties growing on her plot than you can shake a stick at!

Tonight she gave a talk at a nearby restaurant about CSA farming practices and gardening in general. It was awesome because even though I’ve been reading dozens of gardening blogs and websites over the past few months, sometimes you really need to TALK to someone. I try not to pick Hilary’s brain when I see her out at parties and get-togethers – it’s that old                           asking-the-doctor-at-the-party-if-she’s-ever-seen-anything-like-this-before problem. But tonight I had free reign to ask all the questions I could possibly want. And I did!

And now I want my garden to GROW! I feel ready for the tomato blight and the potato bugs, and the weeding, and everything! I feel inspired tonight!!!

Note to self: re-read this post in mid-June when frustrated with the amount of work a garden takes.




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1 04 2008

Good Luck with your growing! My fiance and I are trying to grow vegetables and fruits from seeds for the first time this year. So far it has been rather disappointing… we didn’t want to invest in heating mats and grow lights so we are doing it au naturale which can have a high failure rate. Oh well at least our beans, lettuce and broccoli have sprouted 🙂

2 04 2008

Thank you!! And good luck to you too! It sounds like you’re doing better than I am in the sprouting department. I’m still waiting on my hot peppers, eggplants, and now tomatoes too. But it’s only been two days with the heating mat so I’ve got my fingers crossed. I’ll keep you posted. 😉

2 04 2008

Ha ha ha! That’s so true! I hated potato bugs so much I refuse to grow them anymore! It’s so nice to pick people’s brains about stuff. Oh yeah, I should mention that you can use Christmas lights as a gentle heat source for your seeds. This thread talks about the different options.

Nice blog!

2 04 2008

That’s a GREAT idea Kathy! Thanks so much, and thanks for your kind words about HPD. I’m having lots of fun with it!

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