magic potmaker

3 04 2008

With all the seeds to plant in the coming weeks, I was in serious need of pots. I tried some origami ones, but since I am only partway through my nuclear physics degree, I couldn’t figure out how they worked. Another six months and I probably would have figured them out. Thank goodness for the magic Potmaker that my mom dropped off for me the other day!

No… not THAT kind of magic . THIS kind of magic:

April08 012

TA DA, the magic potmaker:

April08 003

So last weekend, I took an old newspaper and cut the pages into narrow strips. I’m guessing when I say the strips were 3-4 inches wide?!? Who knows. And I rolled those strips up with half of the magic Potmaker.

April08 005

A quick tuck-under, a grind in the base, and then voilà:

April08 010

More pots than I know what to do with… for now at least!




5 responses

4 04 2008

That is so neat – you realise now that we want updates on how well they work, how long they take to compost down and where to get the magic pot maker!
A Magic Mum as well!

4 04 2008

Most definitely Deborah! They feel fairly sturdy so I’m curious to see how well they compost too. However, my friend gave me a tip for composting newspaper – she said to make sure it is absolutely sopping wet when you stick it in the ground. I’ll let you know how it goes! 🙂

8 04 2008
seedling S.O.S. « hit pay dirt

[…] least the magic pots are holding their […]

18 04 2008

The pot maker came from Lee Valley, at least 12 years ago. They may still be available.

Magic Mum

30 04 2008
magic pot « hit pay dirt

[…] off – I LOVE the magic potmaker. It’s easy, and it works, and it’s environmentally-friendly. And for those that agree, […]

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