my street is drunk

5 04 2008

That’s right, it’s not even noon and by the looks of things outside, you could be fooled into thinking the people on my street have a drinking problem. They are walking outside in meandering paths, with silly grins on their faces, as they drink in a glorious spring day outside.

I’m holed up inside, watching them enviously, as I bang out a paper that’s due this week. It is my last paper to write for awhile – I said “Higher education be damned!!” when I wondered about whether to take another course this summer. I knew that my garden would be too much competition for summertime course work. But I can resist the outdoors for this one weekend, because I have seedlings beside me. YES – my first two hot pepper seeds have finally pushed through the surface! I feel like a new mom as I glance over every few minutes, checking to see if they look any different. I am so proud.




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5 04 2008

congratulations on the seedlings! i just transplanted some horribly mistreated tomato seedlings into their own pots yesterday. i keep running outside in my bare feet and pajamas to check and ask if they are enjoying the sun. i don’t have grow lights so they get set outside as early as possible in the morning to soak up sun until it sets in the evenings.

how are the paper pots working out?

5 04 2008

I used to think that caring for a dog was about as much preparation as you could possibly get before having a newborn – but these seedlings are giving my pup a run for her money! I can’t stop myself from checking them every few minutes or so. My friend Hilary gave some sage advice though at her talk this week – she said “No matter what, plants WANT to grow.” It comforted me to hear that.

More to come on the paper pots SOON! 🙂

10 04 2008

Want, want, want. That’s all I hear.
I mean come on, don’t these plants have any consideration for their fellow globe sharers? “Don’t mind me, sprouting up, give me some of that CO2 — you won’t be needing it for much longer”. Sheesh.

11 04 2008

Well, Chris, they’re dead now. ARE YOU HAPPY ABOUT THAT?!?

6 05 2008
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