Cadbury Creme Egg Showdown

7 04 2008

Well, I think my pancreas may finally be in recovery-mode. At least I hope so because I feel another chocolate craving coming on. But I am starting to wonder… how many years until my sweet-tooth pushes me into diabetes? Definitely food for thought. So let me post an update to the Cadbury Creme Egg comparison before I swear off sugar for good.

Here it began. The Cadbury Creme Egg Taste Test: Canada vs. U.S.A. Two eggs, side-by-each, with only a language barrier – eh? – and a wrapper to separate them.

The competition started off so innocently. The judges noted that the American was somewhat smaller, several grams less than the robust Canadian.

But when it came time to split each one in two, it was the American that held herself together. The Canadian faltered, cracking somewhat under the pressure. The judges tsk-tsk-ed and jotted down notes.

And then it was time for the taste test.

Round 1: The judges began – first a bite of the Canadian, then a swig of water to cleanse the palate, then a bite of the American. The crowd was divided with cheers hollered in every which direction. The judges refused to show any emotion.

Round 2: The judges, after palate-cleansing break, started with the American this time. Then the Canadian. The judges paused, glancing at each other, but remaining silent. They noted their marks and handed in their scorecards – stone-faced through it all.

It seemed like forever for the marks to be tabulated. The crowd started heckling, anxious for a result. Still the clock ticked on… until FINALLY the scores were revealed:

Canadian Entry

American Entry










The American turned to the Canadian and smiled with a slight nod of defeat. She picked up her crumbs and looked proud as she waved to the cheering crowd, knowing that she would be back again next year. She walked off with her head held high. The Canadian stayed, waving to the crowd – looking somewhat awkward, as Canucks tend to do – and proudly accepted her medal.

And there it was folks, the Cadbury Creme Egg Showdown.




8 responses

8 04 2008

Next year you should demand a UK egg (home of Cadburys) to be included too, for completeness of course. Mind you I think after 3 you are more likely to be ill rather than suffer a super sugar rush 😀

8 04 2008

You’re completely right Deborah. However, both of the eggs said they were imported from England! But there were definite differences to them, so I’m sure that an egg made for the Brits would taste different yet again.

To bring this imported showdown back to local food – if that’s possible! – chocolate definitely tastes different from region to region. I spent a few years sharing a flat with a Kiwi (until I went bananas… bada bump!). Anyways, we would compare Canadian and NZ chocolate bars whenever we had them and they were sooooo different. We thought that it might be due to the flavour of the milk used but who knows. Maybe the chocolate companies had analyzed our taste buds and decided that national taste tests showed preference of one over the other. It would seem that is what Cadbury has done with these two eggs, since they are both originating from the same place.

8 04 2008

Ah… and there’s another question begging to be asked: are you sure the Canadian egg was better? Or was it merely being eaten by Canadians? Hm?

8 04 2008

Ferdzy! I KNEW there would be protests but I didn’t think they would come from fellow Canadians. Traitor.

8 04 2008

Well done!! And I must concur, as an American, that the Canadians ones are better. But it was a closer race than I would have thought. I’m hoping to have my post on the matter up tonight or tomorrow and, of course, will link over. Thanks for playing!!!

10 04 2008

loved the whole thing

10 04 2008

Tammy, it was a blogging blast! Thank YOU! And it brought me lovely new readers, like Andreea. Cheers to that!

28 05 2008
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