extra insulin, anyone?

7 04 2008

So, after Kathy’s post on I Wet My plants, I broke down and signed up for Google Reader. And I gotta tell you, it really does save me time. I can’t believe I used to load the long list of of my favourite blogs ONE by ONE, just to see if they had posted anything new. Now I open one page and it’s easy peasy lemon squeezy! And with so much time saved… well I’ve just added more blogs to GR!

So, as you can probably guess from my blogroll on the sidebar over there ->, Food on the Food is one of those blogs in my GR… (now don’t get cocky, you don’t know all my secrets yet). I love Tammy’s posts at FotF – she’s a whole lot nutty, a whole lot local food, and on top of all that she used to test recipes for Cook’s Illustrated magazine – how freaking cool is that? But when she made this offer to trade and compare Cadbury Easter eggs, I had a really tough time sticking to my local food guns, especially when I had recently been given so much Easter chocolate. So I signed up, did the deed and waited.

The goods arrived last week, and on Saturday I conducted the taste comparison with interesting results. But you’ll have to forgive me because I’m still coping with the after-effects of a sugar-induced coma. Stay tuned for the update…




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7 04 2008

Like you, I added more blogs once GR had freed up the time! it’s good really because it means I read a wider variety of blogs and not just the ones I can justify as having a direct relevance to my work.

Just how do you get so lucky to be a chocolate tester, my favourites are the creme eggs with a hot cup of tea or coffee. Heaven in a sugar rush.

7 04 2008

I have to say Deborah, when Tammy wrote to tell me I could be part of the testing group, I had to read it twice to believe it!!

7 04 2008

Too funny! I figured I’d give GR a try, and did the same thing! Just added more blogs! I think I managed to waste more time, but in the long run it it’ll work out!

Spring does make people get out, and smile!! My neighborhood was looking pretty drunk this weekend too! But it’s a happy drunk!

7 04 2008

a happy drunk for sure! I hope the hangover wasn’t the cause of your Monday morning troubles Sammy! 😀

7 04 2008

I’m glad you can read more blogs now with the help of GR. it’s the best!

7 04 2008

Thanks Aimee! Brings me closer to people like you!! 🙂

7 04 2008
Cadbury Creme Egg Showdown « hit pay dirt

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