i-i-i-i’m n-o-o-ttt jjjjjitttterry

10 04 2008

No seriously, I’m NOT jittery and I haven’t had a cup of coffee this morning. Does that mean I’m not addicted? I’m not really sure what coffee does to me, because I’ve long been able to indulge in a cup after dinner without it affecting my sleep – not that I usually do, but I CAN. Still… coffee has got to be doing something to my biochemistry, because on the rare occasion when I have two cups to start my day I get a serious case of the heebie-jeebies. You know that feeling where you think spiders are crawling through your hair and when tying your shoes takes all your focus? That’s me on two cups.

So what is a girl with no coffee to do? Well this morning I made myself a cup of this lovely, locally grown herbal tea. Even if you can’t find your own local teas, it’s easy to grown your own – no matter if you live on a farm or in an apartment. Try mint, lemon balm, lavender, echinacea, catnip, or chamomile – and that’s just for starters.




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