cool as a cucumber OR one bad apple…? hmmm

13 04 2008

I have a confession to make. I have somewhat – ahem – antagonistic feelings towards my local health food store. It’s not something I am proud of. Perhaps it’s not fair to say that those feelings are directed at the entire store. After all, the BUILDING contains a lot of products that I ♥… perhaps, it’s best to say that I don’t feel especially welcome in this store. Yes, I know – it comes as a bit of a shock to me too. I mean if I am not your best promotional resource for buying local healthy foods, then who the h-e-double hockeysticks is? I ask you that.

But I concede, some things in this world are bigger than my ability to understand them. So this past weekend, as part of my I-am-done-my-course-so-feck-the-world-and-let-FREEDOM-reign attitude, I decided to have a weekend full of breaking routines. And as part of this weekend, I gobbled up my pride and walked to the local health food store.

It was not an easy visit, I will give you that. I started out by ducking out of one aisle to avoid a staff member, and finished off by hiding from one cashier in favour of another, but overall the visit was a success..? I guess it’s all in the eye of the beholder. But for NOW, let’s say it was a success because I walked to my destination, and I bought the local organic products I was after, and it was a success because I owned it all.

So I say cheers to that.




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22 04 2008

So what’s the issue? I mean, I know that when I go into a health food store I avoid the staff because I know I’m going to end up asking questions which will inevitably be answered with cockings and scratchings of heads and I know they avoid me because my immense ego (fed by my understanding that I know more and am far more clever than they) precedes me, but what’s your gig? I say cheers too. I just want to know why.

Lovely blog, by the way. I’ve only just discovered it and aim to read more.

22 04 2008

Love the name Monkey! Thanks for stopping by HPD. 🙂

As for the issue… well it could be an immense ego – not sure whose though! I think it really boils down to – how shall I word this diplomatically – different concepts of customer service. 😀

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