a bad taste in my mouth

15 04 2008

For the past few months I’ve loved maintaining this blog. When I think that I must be the only one who can possibly care this much about a local meal, or the only one who feels the weight of the world on her shoulders when her tomato seedlings die… well, this blog and others prove me wrong. Blogs make me feel connected and a part of something. But this… this just leaves a bad taste in my mouth about blogging.




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15 04 2008

Why does it leave a bad taste? I think it’s cool to see the inner workings of this stuff! After all, bots and aggregators and the lot are how blogs interconnect, get readers, and make us bloggers a part of something.

15 04 2008

heya Sam,

it IS cool… and you’re right – without those inner workings I’d just be talking to myself. Part of the bad taste is that I’m starting to get blog scraped lately and it feels DIRTY. I knew enough to expect spam, but now splogs?

ack, it’s all how you react right? So screw the splogs! I’ll still be here. 🙂



16 04 2008

Update: For anyone else wanting to fight splogs, this how-to article was just posted on Wired: http://howto.wired.com/wiki/Fight_Splogs

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