Purple Cabbage R.I.P.

16 04 2008

Tribute to a Cabbage

Oh dear Cabbage, you and I were companions for over seven months of my life. And those months are filled with memories. I should have paid more attention to you but I am guilty of having hid you in the back of my fridge. You never ceased to amaze me. No matter how much I used you, you never disappeared. You seemed almost supernatural, with your ability to rejuvenate yourself. I thought you were the cabbage that would not die.

Yesterday, you proved me wrong. I reached into the back of the fridge for your crisp leaves but all I found was mush. I had neglected you for too long. Oh Purple Cabbage, I did not love you enough. I tried my best, and I will always remember your fat head on that bottom shelf.

You came from compost, may you return to compost. Rest in peace.




2 responses

16 04 2008

Hi Gillian,

Just found a vegetable spaghetti like that, too far gone even for the chickens. That’s on the compost heap too so not totally wasted.

16 04 2008

The memories will live on, Deborah! Bless the compost pile.

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