Oh Earth, this is what I do for you

22 04 2008

My Earth Day post is a little late. Perhaps it is because I thought I would celebrate the Earth and its precious resources by doing my taxes online. No paper, no carbon footprint from postal deliveries, what could be a better way to say “I LOVE you PLANET EARTH!”?

Well, Earth, I do love you and I am terribly concerned that my fellow humans and I are abusing your bounty. So for the past few evenings, I have dutifully worked on my taxes online. Last night, I thought I was going to file, but when I went to hit the “Send” button, I received an error message telling me that there was an error in my return.

So tonight I spent five hours trying to chase down the root of the problem. Finally, after having spoken to Sharif, Lynn, Amod, Mike, Sekkhomang, Amy, and Jackson, I solved it. And now, after all that effort and all those people, I am really not sure if I saved any resources at all. But I filed.




2 responses

23 04 2008

Well done, now you can concentrate on growing.

I’m waiting to see if I really am in the French system – I’ve already filed for the UK and got next years form by return. If I haven’t got my French form by the end of the week I’ll have to go searching for one as they are due in the last week of May as the onus is on you to get one not them to give you one. Apart from that I’ve 2 registration forms to do with farming to get in by the end of the month. They don’t say France is a nation of bureaucracy without reason 😀

23 04 2008

Thanks Deborah! I’ve been itching to take some photos of my seedlings and post them but the tax man had been taking up all my my evenings. Not anymore! I feel for you having to file as an expat. When I lived in Germany, it was hell on Earth trying to get my taxes done – and I had someone file for me. 😀
Chin up!

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