23 04 2008

This spring, my beloved – white knight that he is – had decided to do battle with the dandelions in our lawn. Now, THANK GOODNESS he is not a black knight who might use pesticides. Instead, he practices traditional warfare, sparring with a dandelion weeder. Otherwise, this fair maiden would likely leave him! Last night, he engaged in a lengthy session that resulted in this bloodshed:

The prisoners might have walked off, had it not been for our heroic warden.

However, despite my sworn pledge of allegiance, in the middle of the battle I stole onto the field and grabbed the prisoners. I knew there was a better way. So I rescued as many as I could and brought them inside for amnesty.

Unbeknownst to the two soldiers, I cleaned up the wounded and invited them for dinner. They joined us incognito, camouflaged in between other greens.

My white knight would agree that our salads were simply divine last night.




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30 04 2008

Oh, but this post brought back fond memories of my grandmother sending us out to the garden to snip some fresh lettuce (which she grew in her flower gardens, amongst the snap dragons and marigolds, and not in her massive vegetable garden…she also grew her tomatoes there for some reason…I’ll have to ask her about that) and dandelion greens for salad. Good on you for making tasty use of your ‘wounded’.

30 04 2008

Monkey, I’m glad those memories are FOND. I fear every day that my husband will start cursing me for such madness!!

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