why… I’m blushing!

27 04 2008

I do love ranting, raving, pondering and plundering through this blog, so it is SUPER rewarding to have others take note of it. I was touched to get this award from Deborah over at From Here to Eternity:

I’ve been thinking about who to pass this on to – as I understand that’s the custom – and I’ve come up with a list of some of my favourites. Now I think I am supposed to pass it along to ten others, but that doesn’t seem quite as special to me as acknowledging my genuine favourites, and I’m a rulebreaker, so here goes. I’m passing this award on to my favourite breakout bloggers – even though some may not really be breakout, somehow they are for me, if only because of my recent discovery of them:

Thank you all for making my blogosphere that much richer!




4 responses

28 04 2008

aw did you ever make me smile this monday mornin’ – thanks miss! you’re a favorite of mine too. must get back to more frequent posting… i think that was just the motivator i needed 😉

am still slowly digesting (har har) pollan’s in defense of food – finding it crazy how such basic basic information can be so mind-expanding, eye-opening!

28 04 2008

Why thank you! Brightened up my rainy Monday! A much needed rain, but limits what you can do outdoors. Or a way to tell me that I should pay some attention to the interior of my house, and not just the gardens and plants!

28 04 2008

Wow! Thank you so much. I’m honoured…and also blushing!

29 04 2008

Hey thanks! How are your Roma seedlings coming along? Hopefully they’re not shivering in their roots in this cool weather!

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