my crowning glory

28 04 2008

Hmm, well tonight I was the crazy lady – this time at my yoga class. Honestly, this really shouldn’t be new to me anymore. Half the time I abandon having real conversations with people because I just don’t have the energy to wear the Crazy Lady Crown ALL THE TIME. But sometimes, like tonight, I blurt out my passions and beliefs, thinking that SURELY they will be well-met… HOW could anyone think otherwise?!?

Tonight it was about reverse-osmosis water systems, and gosh-darn-it! -aren’t-they-awesome!!! Well… you already know how I feel about filling up my Brita, and I’m afraid most other capitalist water filtration systems are going to fall on the same side of that equation for me. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not fighting capitalism here. There are other people who do that battle better than me, and to be perfectly honest, I’m not really anti-capitalism. More like anti-BIG business and governments that support them.

So, back to reverse-osmosis. SURE reverse-osmosis may be absolutely awesome from a health perspective, as I tried to tell me fellow pretzels in tonight’s class, but if it is then we should be lobbying our town to provide us with that system! That comment met some downward dogs with raised eyebrows.

“OUR TOWN CAN’T BE TRUSTED TO DEFINE HEALTHY,” the sun-saluters told me.

“Then talk to the town and tell the town what it should be doing,” I said, “This is how the political system works.”

“No, it won’t work,” the Warrior Ones answered somewhat snootily, “They don’t listen.”

I sighed into my upward dog and wondered once again, how words had transformed me from someone with worthwhile ideas into a crazy lady who has pushed the bar too far. On my way home, I wished that I had thought to remind them that we need to push for changes that will benefit ALL, not just the ones who can afford things like reverse-osmosis systems. But perhaps I would have met even more resistance with that thought.

After all, I’m just a crazy lady who ties herself up into pretzels.




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28 04 2008

sister, i launched into a verbal vision of edible landscaping at college campuses today that shot eyebrows straight to the roof at the indoor playground i manage with my two-year-old in tow. as an odd combination calvinistic baptist liberal…well, let’s just say i get you. i totally get you.

*raises fist of misfit solidarity

29 04 2008

Oh Merlot, I’ll make mudpies with you ANYTIME.
(And I LOVE edible landscaping.)


30 04 2008

Off topic: I just went searching for your magic pot maker post and couldn’t find it. You DID write one, didn’t you? Kate, another blogger I subscribe to, made these newspaper origami pots and was wondering if it was a waste of time or not? Where oh where is that post? And how oh how are your pots treating you? Different style, but from the same material. I’m sure she’d like to know.

30 04 2008

Merlot Mud Pie, today’s post is for you!!!

1 05 2008

you rocked it, sister! i wonder if simply adding a little label to the pot and writing on that would allow the ink to stay put?

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