sugar and spice and everything nice…

29 04 2008

Finally! An update on the Roma tomato seedlings. Here is what my best and brightest looked like a week ago:

For those keen-eyed readers, you will wonder what is dusted on the leaves. Cinnamon! YES!!! I heard that cinnamon is good for warding damping off. And since damping off had thwarted my last round of seedlings, I plied this second round with sugar and spice and everything nice (not really, for the sugar – but doesn’t it sound nice?). So far, so good, because here is what my best and brightest looked like tonight:





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30 04 2008

They do look good. My first lot in the outside frame didn’t germinate but the second lot that are inside are just waiting for their first true leaves. It feels so good when they grow doesn’t it?

18 04 2009
my new life « hit pay dirt

[…] it is JUST as exciting watching them poke their heads through the soil this year as it was last year. I just have a whole lot less time to watch […]

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