magic pot

30 04 2008

Ahhh, the magic potmaker… it’s time to update.

First off – I LOVE the magic potmaker. It’s easy, and it works, and it’s environmentally-friendly. And for those that agree, you can meet me on the Lee Valley shop site.

So, yes – the pots rock… with one small exception… I have almost NO idea what I planted in each one.

You see… I wrote the plant names ON each pot and now… well, after several waterings the ink has bled. So the magic potmaker – albeit lovely and magical, has made my seedlings somewhat mystical.

It is a small challenge, yes. But they will still grow, right? That’s all that matters for now.




3 responses

1 05 2008

A Magical Mystery Tour for you – you could sell them as pot luck seedlings 😀

1 05 2008

EXCELLENT idea Deborah – I love it!!!!

21 05 2008
you say tomatOH « hit pay dirt

[…] now, then for certain he will. Our tomato plants will pack a wallop next winter!!! RAH RAH RAH!!! So what if I have no idea what tomatoes I planted in each potmaker pot!?! I’ll figure it […]

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