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19 05 2008

If these nasturtium seedlings aren’t the cutest little things, then I don’t know what is! They elbow their way through the soil, arch their backs and then open their hands with an offering. Well, HELLO right back at you, my little ones!




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20 05 2008
Green Bean

Too cute! I felt the same about my radish seeds when they first popped out of the soil.

20 05 2008

oh heavens…so lovely. i got married in a field of nasturtium and calla lilies under oak trees in a wild grove off the coastabout 50 yards in california…true heaven. when i see nasturtium i can’t help but smile.

20 05 2008

It’s true, Green Bean – every seedling is special. I feel like such a proud Mama!

And Merlot MP, wow! What a wedding that must have been. I’m glad to have brought back some of those lovely memories.

20 05 2008

it was a small one. two friends, a pastor, and two ducks in the stream. perfection, if you ask me. and yes. thank you. can’t wait to see them bloom! i’m rooting some coryopsis (sp?) from my mom’s garden. another happy-making flower. such a burst of excited yellow!

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