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11 06 2008

See this jar? This jar is my favourite jar in the whole house. This jar fed me and my beloved, as well as others before us. And this jar is going to feed many more people in its long lifetime of service. This is a RETURNABLE jar. A jar that isn’t made out of plastic, and a jar that doesn’t require excess energy to be recycled because it can be re-used. I’m just a little bit enamored in case you couldn’t tell…

This jar came from Pinehedge Farms – an AWESOME group of people, making delicious yogurt, kefir, and sour cream. As it says on their website, they grow their own feed, use milk from their own cows, and make and bottle their products. And they do this all without chemical fertilizers. They call it biodynamic farming… I call it respecting the Earth. Either way, we’re lucky to have them in the Ottawa area.




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12 06 2008

I LOVE Pinehedge yogurt.

If you want a special treat you should try giving it a light whisk and then straining it through a cheesecloth (put cheesecloth in a sieve over a bowl and let the yogurt sit straining for a few hours). You will be left with gorgeous, thick, greek yogurt. That and some fresh berries…..heaven.

12 06 2008

I should have known you’d be onto Pinehedge too, Green grrl! I know Unstuffed has been posting about it for months. It’s so awesome.

And with fresh berry season comin on up, what a great tip! Sounds YUM!

16 06 2008

Hi there!
Thought of you when I saw No Impact Man’s post today.
Was thinking of sending the link on with a little note to the health food stores I go to. I’d love to see a system like this in Ottawa.
Hope all is well,

16 06 2008

Hey Amber!!

What a great system – thanks for sharing the post. If I had uh… a better relationship with my local health food store I’d suggest it to them. (But the business is for sale – maybe new owners will come in and turn it into the shining jewel that it deserves to be!). Anyways, I think I will keep some containers with me in my car and see if I can use them when I bulk shop.

take care,


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