gardeners are givers

18 06 2008

There’s something about gardening that makes people want to give. A year ago when my beloved and I moved into our current home, I quickly attacked the overgrown front flower bed with zeal. My neighbours, many of them gardeners as well, would stop by and comment on my progress. They divided perennials and brought them over for me to plant. And it wasn’t just perennials that they shared – as harvests came in, they brought us fresh vegetables like cucumbers and garlic scapes, saying that they had too much. I thought we had hit the jackpot and moved to the best street in town.

But you know… it’s not just my street, I think all gardeners are givers. Last night, I got an urgent message from Kathy over at I Wet My Plants, saying that she had a tomato emergency. She had 40 extra tomato plants and no homes for any of them. I called her and happily agreed to take several off her hands. I knew I could find SOMEWHERE to plant tomato plants with divine names like Red Lightning, Black Pear, and Hawaiian Pineapple. Kathy even dropped them off at my office while I was working – how sweet is that?!?

Gardeners and their generosity always amaze me. I think they appreciate how much the Earth gives to us, and feel compelled to share it with others. So I say here’s to generosity – may we always share our gardens.




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20 06 2008

i’ve been amazed by this same trend at my community gardens and at the YGG forums. people just send seeds. or they give you plants. i also love how often other gardeners just walk around to admire everybody else’s plots. did you say thank you for your plants? this is a superstition i have a REALLY hared time with — not saying thank you when given a plant. hoo boy. i don’t know what i think about that.

20 06 2008

I’ve never heard of that superstition Merlot! I’ve been saying thank you all along and so far no lightning bolts have come from the sky. 😀

I haven’t joined any seed-sharing forums yet, but when Kathy was aghast at my measly two tomato varieties growing in my garden, I thought that maybe it was time to start trading seeds. I will check out YGG – THANK YOU! 😉

20 06 2008

I’ve heard the “don’t thank for a passalong plant” superstition too – if you do say thanks, they’re supposed to not grow. The way around it is to say things like “Oh, that will look great next to my…”

However… someone should tell the Mints, the Creeping Myrtle, the Jerusalem Artichokes, the Russian Stonecrop, the Himilayan Balsam, or the Sweet Woodruff about this old wives tale. I was given them all last fall when my garden was brand new. The givers were all thoroughly thanked, and yet the plants are already taking over my beds. 🙂

PS – check out plantcycle for other passalong plants…

20 06 2008

Hmm, now that I think about it, maybe that’s why my echinacea didn’t grow!! But as you say ChzPlz, there are some plants out there that heed to their own rules. Thanks for the yahoo tip!

24 06 2008
Ottawa Gardener

I think that’s one of the big reasons that I love gardening. It encourages giving. Plants, given half the chance, grow and you only have so much room!

Oh yeah, my JAs, and mints are in jail-beds. Someone gave me HB before I know what it was and ironically it is was placed in a jail-bed as well. Def: Jail-bed is the kind garden that is bordered with a house wall and concrete pathes. The mint does threaten near the edges of breaking out…

I Wet My Plants also gave me some tomatoes. Go Kathy!

24 06 2008

OG, I’ve been scared off mint as though it is some kind of impossible plant to contain. I didn’t know that JAs need to be contained too. I’m thinking about growing them for next season – I’ll have to figure out a good jail bed!

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