growing by leaps and bounds

21 07 2008

Wow. I have been remiss on the posting front this month. In addition to back surprises, I had a vacation surprise (more on that to come), and a whole lot of life to catch up on! Well, what have I got to catch up here on HPD? Definitely a lot, and I’m going to start with an update that is ridiculously long overdue. The garden!

I think the last time I wrote about it, my beloved had just built an extra bed and I was kicking my tomato seedlings out of the house and into the garden. I was also secretly wondering if I was really ready to take on all the gardening I had planned.

Well, my wondering was misplaced. I have barely lifted a finger to take care of this garden, and it has THRIVED without me. I know we’ve been incredibly lucky in the Ottawa area with great rain and warm weather this summer. But it’s more than just the rain and the good weather, my garden grows without me.

And this month especially, that has been such a blessing.




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