scrabulous surprises

30 07 2008

Not everyone goes for surprises, but I LOVE them. So, a few weeks ago on my birthday, my beloved handed me six Scrabble tiles and, with a mischievous grin, he said “Happy birthday.”

I stared at the tiles… T P O C N I

Hmm, my present was somehow hidden in the tiles. I started to play with them while I chatted with my brother and sister-in-law, who were with us. But frustration got the better of me and I focussed all of my energy on the tiles. Pocnit… Coiptn… Nicpot… Tipcon… then finally… PICTON!!! We were going to Picton!!!

I had been wanting to visit Picton and Prince Edward County for months, ever since I heard about their Taste Trail. The Taste Trail is exactly what the name implies… a marked trail through the county where you go from one decadent taste experience to the next. And that’s exactly what we did for our weekend getaway. In two days we managed to fit in several wineries, some fantastic restaurants, lots of farmer’s markets and more! I really can’t do all of them justice but my mouth waters at the very memory of them all. A few of the highlights included:

Prince Edward County is such a great example of a region that supports its farmers and producers. Everywhere we went, we saw places advertising local products. And they weren’t just greenwashing us, everyone knew the local farms, producers and other businesses and they happily directed us to them whenever we asked. We came back from our weekend piled high with local goodies.

It was a FABULOUS surprise weekend.




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4 08 2008

Hey Gillian, what a great trip! Hubby and I are following in your footsteps in 3 weeks. Would love to hear more about the goodies you brought home and where you got them. I don’t suppose you found any local nuts (as in hazelnuts, peanuts etc, – not crazy people). 😉

5 08 2008

Heya Green_grrl,

When you get to Prince Edward County it won’t be hard to find all the marketing materials on local vendors. They REALLY know how to get the word out – I was super impressed with that.

In addition to the places I listed here, I also really liked Vicki’s Veggies stand. It’s such a cute stand with lots of fresh veggies, baked goods, and seeds, and she also sells local dried beans.

There’s also the Black River cheese company, which makes rennet-free cheese.

There were no nuts unfortunately… but we’re heading to the Niagara area soon and I’m hoping we can pick some up while we’re there.

If you find any other places that you like, please let me know. We plan to go back again and again!

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