rainy days

4 09 2008

Like much of Eastern Ontario, this has certainly been a RAINY summer in the Ottawa area. Most people seem to grumble when you bring this up, but I think we’ve been blessed with this rain. Yes, BLESSED!

For starters, the rain has meant my rain barrels have never run dry. In fact, I’ve barely had to use them at all to water the garden – which has saved me buckets (ha!) of time. I had to water a few nights last week and my gosh it took a long time.

This rain has also meant mushrooms GALORE. They’re growing everywhere! So this rainy summer, my beloved and I have been munching away on wild mushrooms. I can hear gasping right now, with people wondering if this is safe. Should I REALLY be recommending mushroom foraging? Well, my answer is… it depends. If you are a cautious and well-researched type, then mushroom hunting may be for you. HOWEVER, if you’re more like me – a nervous bystander – then it is probably best to find someone else to eat the mushrooms (like a beloved) and then wait 24 hours. If no fatalities have occurred then you can probably eat the leftovers.




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13 05 2009
free food! free food! « hit pay dirt

[…] sorry, I am COMPELLED to add this note: it doesn’t matter how many times I post about mushroom foraging, I have to reiterate the same warning: Do NOT forage for mushrooms unless you’re DARN SURE […]

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