my freezer runneth over

9 09 2008


I am running out of space in my freezer. I suppose this is a good thing. It must mean that we’ve stored lots of food, right?!? But I can’t help and think of all that’s left. WE ARE AT THE HEIGHT OF THE HARVEST, PEOPLE. There’s so much more that can be stored…

Thank goodness I still have lots of canning jars left.




4 responses

11 09 2008

You are blessed.

11 09 2008

Yes… you’re most definitely right. I need to take a big breath and RELAX! And appreciate the bounty. Thanks for the reminder.

29 09 2008

I’m envious, and yet inspired! I’m hoping to have a freezer that looks the same this time next year!

30 09 2008
October Eat Local Challenge « hit pay dirt

[…] food. Like a lot of local foodies, I’m a little obsessed… okay, a LOT obsessed. My freezer is stuffed to the brim right now. I’ve been canning since the summer began. We’ve signed up for a local food box […]

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