picking favourites

12 09 2008

When I was living in my first adult apartment (you know… out of school, paying bills, trying to figure the world out) I got the idea that I should decorate my place. I already had a beautiful antique candleholder with swirls of gold, yellow and orange covering it – trust me, it was beautiful – and I thought it would be nice to get a throw cushion with similar colours. The cushion would brighten up the blah beige sheet that covered my 80’s inspired sofa.

So I took the candleholder to a nearby store and asked the owner to show me cushions with similar colours. She pulled out covers, one by one, with each one appearing more gorgeous than the last. But when I looked at them all together – 14 of them in total – I found that I couldn’t pick a favourite. So I didn’t. I bought them ALL.

These days I’m a whole lot less likely to buy 14 new cushion covers (unless they’ve been recycled!) but my inability to pick favourites has stayed with me. Two nights ago, my beloved and I had a tomato-tasting session and we were amazed at the range of textures and flavours. One tasted earthy, almost like mushrooms. Another had a classic tomato taste but it was more delicate somehow. Yet another tasted smoky and looked like a bell pepper. And once again, I couldn’t pick a favourite. Each one was fantastic in its own right.

The tomato season continues, so be sure to go out and savour some. I defy you to pick a favourite.




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