the magical fruit…

26 09 2008

The first frost has come and gone, but I am still harvesting. These beautiful black turtle beans grew tall in my beds this summer, crying out to passers-by, “Notice me! Notice me!” But I knew better and ignored them in their green glory. I let them bake in the summer sun until their husks had dried out into papery packages. Finally, as the nights got cooler, I invited them inside. Now they sit in a clear glass jar in my pantry and wait patiently for dinner.




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28 09 2008

That’s awesome. I’ve been wanting to try growing legumes but haven’t ventured into that yet. What was your yield like? Did you grow any others? Lentils, other beans?

29 09 2008

Hey Green_grrl,

They were ridiculously easy to grow. I had thought I needed to trellis them, but I’m not sure if everyone does that. Even still, I think I’d do it again. They took up a lot of space and it was easier to have them grow somewhat vertical rather than out into the lawn.

Since I’m a vegetarian, I’d need to use up all my existing beds if I wanted enough to last me through the winter. The bean rows took up about 10 feet and the yield was about 2 cups of dried beans. I’ve been pleased to see some farmers’ stands selling dried beans this year, so I’ve also been snatching them up wherever I can.

I hope to branch out into some different types of beans next year. I’ve been wondering about lentils, whether they’ll grow here. Let me know if you hear of anyone who is trying it!


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