October Eat Local Challenge

30 09 2008

One. Day. Left. One day until the October 2008 Eat Local Challenge!!! I woke up this morning and put some granola (not local) in a bowl and thought “Good Grief! HOW am I going to do this?” I mean I love local food. Like a lot of local foodies, I’m a little obsessed… okay, a LOT obsessed. My freezer is stuffed to the brim right now. I’ve been canning since the summer began. We’ve signed up for a local food box which delivers through the winter. And the harvest is still going strong here in Eastern Ontario. I’ve even got tomatoes on the vine that weren’t killed by frost… and a whole lot more hiding in a box. But still… it’s a commitment thing. I’m slow to commit and a month seems like a LONG time.

Thankfully, you can take the Eat Local Challenge at your own pace. I think the goal is to become more aware of your relationship with local food. And of course to promote the idea of it! Exceptions are allowed, and you’re encouraged to define them before the challenge starts. A lot of people put coffee on that list. I can manage without coffee but chocolate…? You’ve GOT to be kidding. I will be eating chocolate. Lots of it. So my exemption list starts with chocolate but where does it end? I’m really not sure what else to put on the list. What if I’m forgetting something? So here and now, I’m declaring the right that, if absolutely desperate, I can add exemptions to my list throughout the month.

My goal for the challenge is 50% local eating. Why 50? I picked that number out of a hat. Even though I say I’m such a local foodie, I really have no idea what percentage of my diet is local. So let’s start in the middle and give 50% a go. And what’s local to me? Let’s stick with the popular 100 miles. Am I ready for this? No. Am I going to try? For sure.




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30 09 2008

I recently found your blog and decided to come out of the virtual woodwork and comment. I too have been contemplating participating in the Eat Local Challenge. We try very hard to do as much locally as we can. You’ve inspired me to go sign up since it is not too late. I won’t be perfect, ’cause like you said, chocolate, but I can definitely make a valiant effort. Thanks for the kick in the pants!

30 09 2008

Kicks-in-the-pants are free here at HPD – so long as you don’t mind the little navel-gazing that goes along with them. Good luck with the challenge, Jennifer!! We’ll be in it together. 🙂

30 09 2008

admirable gill! think i will take this on next year, once we’ve had a season in the garden and time to preserve. till then, look forward to your notes along the way, as always.

30 09 2008
Ottawa Gardener

I try and go about 50% on the 0 mile diet, at least when it comes to produce. I’m not sure how much are family actually eats from the garden but a lot of meals start with ‘What can I make with tatsoi and Egyptian Onions today’ or something like that.

Good luck with the challenge.

1 10 2008

Heidi, I was like you a year ago, having just moved into a new place and having to wait to start a garden. It gave me lots of time to plan and to dream about what that garden would actually be like! Now I’m enjoying… the fruits of my labours. 😛

The 0 mile diet is VERY admirable, OG – I’ll be reading about your adventures as you develop your urban veggie patch!

11 11 2008
my month of eating local « hit pay dirt

[…] that it was a little difficult to measure. But setting that aside, I think that I came close to my goal of 50% local eating. To be honest, I don’t quite think I made it. The flour situation definitely made it tough. […]

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