hunger pangs

2 10 2008

I felt so virtuous last night while preparing a potato and kale gratin. I had come home feeling SO tired, wanting nothing more than to prop my feet up in front of the oven as a frozen pizza baked inside. But I RESISTED. I had the last of the summertime CSA order in a bag on the counter and there was a voice inside my head saying, “For #@*& sake – it’s the first day of the challenge and you can’t even make it until DINNER?!?” So I found a yummy recipe and restored myself through a home-cooked meal instead.

This is something I’ve noticed about local eating. I often have to do battle with my whims. I can’t just open a bag of potato chips when I get hungry, or most other prepared foods for that matter. Food preparation takes awhile and, unless a carrot or apple will do, I often go hungry while I prepare something more substantial. It makes me realize what a culture of convenience I live in. The idea of having to wait more than 15 minutes for food is foreign to most of us.




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4 10 2008

keep up the good work! You’re in inspiration to us all.

6 10 2008
Ottawa Gardener

Oh right, I forgot (hides potato chips) I’m doing that local eating thing. No really, I know what you mean. Thankfully I like apples. Apples, apples, carrots, swiss chard. The planet and I will be healthier.

6 10 2008

Thanks for the good wishes, Aimee! Ottawa Gardener and I BOTH need them as we resist the potato chips calling to us from our snack drawers. 😛

6 10 2008

Excellent willpower Gillian!

In thinking of chips and local…I automatically thought apple chips! Inspired by a visit to an apple orchard this weekend. Now if you have the energy, it may help to do a batch or two at a time, so that you have plenty for those times of craving. I scouted a recipe that doesn’t use sugar at:

11 11 2008
my month of eating local « hit pay dirt

[…] things felt, I made time to eat local as much as I could. And it did me well. I felt calm when I took time to prepare food. I felt good when I picked up local eggs and yogurt at the local health food store. I was almost […]

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