starch me up

7 10 2008


Flour is my #1 enemy in this Eat Local Challenge so far. It seems as though every meal I try to make has a flour-based non-local food item in it… pasta, bread, tortillas… SO WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO ABOUT MY STARCHES? We’ve already established that the rice from India is a no-no, and really, how many potatoes can one girl eat in a month? A lot apparently.

I want to add flour to my exceptions list, but I’m not sure if I would reach my 50% goal if I did. It would make it tight, that’s for sure. I seem to eat a lot of flour. Sure, I could make my own pasta, my own bread, my own tortillas… if I quit my job, quit school, stopped exercising, and threw all entertainment out of the house. Okay, so I’m being a bit melodramatic. This is what flour does to me!

Thank goodness for Little Stream bread. Unstuffed has been posting about it for months. Little Stream is a bakery located just outside Perth, Ontario, and it offers a beacon of light when I need my quick-starch fix. Not only are their loaves prepared locally, but many of the ingredients are local as well. So I’ve got potatoes and bread on my plate for the challenge…

Now I’m on the hunt for some local pasta.




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8 10 2008
Green Grrl

If you need flour, Little stream sells their flour at the organic farmers market in Ottawa and probably also at their location in Perth. I buy my spelt flour from them. At the market they also usually have whole wheat and sometimes quinoa and rice flours.

Last summer I got some delicious pasta from the Chelsea farmers’ market: I’m not sure if the flour was local though.

I hear you on the time factor thing. I tried to make tortillas last night. Should have been super easy but I was rushing because I was short on time and had to give up and buy some instead. 😦 They are great when they work though and get all puffed up in the frying pan. Yum.

8 10 2008

That’s great to know, Green Grrl – thank you! I will look for Little Stream flour at the market. And then I will try talking them into making pasta…!

9 10 2008

I don’t know what I’d without my Little Stream bread!

Good luck with the challenge. I’m rooting for you!

10 10 2008
Ottawa Gardener

How about bean flour? I have never heard of this. I”ll go forth and find Little Stream bread (we are mostly gluten free with a celiac daughter but hey what the heck).

10 10 2008

I’ve never heard of bean flour OG! I’ll have to look into that… maybe I can grind up my beautiful dried black turtle beans? Somehow I don’t think cupcakes will taste quite the same with bean flour…

FYI, Little Stream also sells gluten-free breads. Check out their website and click on Gluten-free Loaves under Products.

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