my month of eating local

11 11 2008

Okay, so I’ve been a little absent from HPD as I mentioned in an earlier post. Umm, what can I say? Work was really… October’s such a busy… I had a huge assignment… blech. Enough with the excuses.

I CAN tell you that I didn’t try to make excuses with my local eating. No matter how crazy things felt, I made time to eat local as much as I could. And it did me well. I felt calm when I took time to prepare food. I felt good when I picked up local eggs and yogurt at the local health food store. I was almost manic at the farmers’ market in its last few weekends of the season. And it felt like Christmas everytime my local food box came in. Sometimes I can get a little LOOPY with my local eating obsession, but local eating helped to keep me sane during the month of October.

And what about my goal? Well, you already know that it was a little difficult to measure. But setting that aside, I think that I came close to my goal of 50% local eating. To be honest, I don’t quite think I made it. The flour situation definitely made it tough. All was not lost though – because of the Eat Local Challenge, I have a few leads on local flour and I’m planning to look into them. I also heard about something called bean flour… still not sure how that works, but like I said this is one of those new leads and I’m going to look into it. That’s something!




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13 11 2008

Don’t worry about not posting, you met your goals for the Eat Local Challenge, and that is really all that matters. It sounds like you have found some promising leads about the flour. I found some locally grown wheatberries the other day at a local grocer, but I am not sure how to grind them into flour or what it would be comparable to. I’d be interested to know more about the bean flour if you find anything else out, that sounds quite interesting.

13 11 2008

Hey there Jennifer,

I have NO idea how well these work, but I saw some small grain mills on a catalogue site the other day. Maybe these would work with the wheatberries…?

Good luck!


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