reflecting on the season

16 11 2008

Slowly, I have been putting my garden to rest for the season. I know, I know – I’m about a month later than most folks in the Ottawa area. But better late than never… This has been my first real crack at vegetable gardening and I’ve kept track of many of my ups and downs here on HPD.

Today I did some final chores, and as I worked my frozen fingers through the dirt, I thought about what I’ve learned this year. I think I’m going to reflect on this topic for the rest of the week, because I don’t feel like I’m quite done with it yet. I’ll start by sharing one of the most important lessons I’ve learned. This is something I hope to remember next year and all future years, and something that I think you all can benefit from:

There are only so many beets one person can eat.

Yes. I may have been a little overzealous with the beet seeds last spring. And now, I am overrun with beets. Sure, I could make pickled beets, beet relish, or more yummy beet soup, but I risk starting to turn purple at this rate. So my first lesson – and a BIG one – is knowing when to stop. Note for next year: I do NOT need a gazillion beets. Even IF Armageddon comes – as my fear seemed to be when it was seeding time last spring – beets will not save me.




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17 11 2008

I’m so jealous of your beets! No matter which bed I plant those wonderful seeds in, I get a very poor return on my investment.

What brand seeds and what type beets are you planting? Maybe the Detroit Red seeds are not the best ones to plant.

18 11 2008

Martha, what’s your address? Let me send you some beets. Seriously. They keep staring at me from the kitchen counter, asking me what I plan to do with them. I don’t know!!! There’s so many.

I used Detroit Reds like you. Mine came from Greta’s Organic Seeds: I planted them beside Swiss Chard and I can’t say that I paid very close attention to spacing them properly. I kind of jammed them all in together. They got full afternoon sun, and I barely had to water them because we had such a rainy season here… Why did my beets do well?!? Good question. That’s a lesson I haven’t yet learned.

Good luck with next year’s crop!


20 11 2008
last lesson… how does your garden grow? « hit pay dirt

[…] sure didn’t take me long to learn what grows well in my garden. Hmm, maybe I should rethink my lesson on beets… Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Growing Swiss Chard: the Colorful Spinach […]

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