lesson learned #2

18 11 2008

So what else did I learn this year? Well, I learned that there are times when I should LISTEN to the experts. I’ll explain this in just a second, but first take a look at these cute little baby carrots.

I’ve been munching on these sweet little things for a few days now. Most of them are about an inch long and they taste great. So what’s the problem, you ask? Well, I should start by telling you that I planted my carrot seeds sometime in April or May… and these are the results that I harvested in mid-November. Do you see the problem???

I don’t know for sure what I did wrong but I can certainly hazard a guess. It might have started when I tsk-tsked at the planting instructions which told me to space the carrot seeds eight inches apart. I thought two inches seemed much more reasonable. OR it could have been that I decided to plant my carrots in between my tall tomato plants. Sure, they wouldn’t get much light there, but I figured plants would find a way to adapt and besides, I was running out of room in the garden bed. None of this sat well with the carrots.

So there you have it. Another lesson learned. Plants have particular growing conditions that I need to respect. Note for next year: don’t be so bull-headed when planting!




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19 11 2008

Aw, those carrots are cute though. I thought about growing carrots, but since we grow in container on the porch of our apartment, or in a community garden plot, I didn’t figure we had the space to dedicate to them. However, I didn’t know the crazy nature of squash either, and our two butternut plants ended up taking over almost the whole plot. I learned a lot of garden lessons too this year and cannot wait to begin the learning process again next year. And talk about local when it comes from your yard!

19 11 2008

Or think on the positive side, people pay a premium for baby carrots 😀

20 11 2008
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21 11 2008

I LOVE the little carrots! I think you may have just started a new trend. The non-lathed, natural version of what stores sell.

18 04 2009
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