last lesson… how does your garden grow?

20 11 2008

Wow. It’s a good thing I dug my carrots out this past weekend, because the upcoming one looks downright FRIGID. A low of -16˚C is coming in for Sunday. Even for Ottawa, that’s unusually chilly this time of year.

I think that means I won’t get another harvest out of my Swiss chard patch. I had harvested some ten days ago and I thought maybe, just maybe I might get some more. But unless it turns out to be superhero Swiss chard, I think it will succumb to the low temperature.

Superhero or not, I’ve been amazed by my Swiss chard this year. I knew I LIKED Swiss chard, but I didn’t know I LOVED it. Lightly sautéed with a bit of garlic and butter… OH so yummy. I plan to grow Swiss chard again and again and again in the years to come. I love it and it loves me. Which brings me to this week’s last lesson… grow what works in your garden. I gave up on plants like cabbage and broccoli, with leaves that turned to lace almost overnight (who knew earwigs liked to make lace?!?). But it sure didn’t take me long to learn what grows well in my garden. Hmm, maybe I should rethink my lesson on beets




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21 11 2008

Wow, that is COLD! I’m not sure it ever gets that cold here in Mid-Missouri. You folks up north are a lot heartier than us in the Midwest. I love swiss chard too. I am trying to grow some inside my apartment (we have southern facing window) to eat as “baby greens”. I’m not sure if they will grow to full size inside, though I would be willing to let them try. 🙂

Oddly, our zucchini didn’t do very well this year. I know most people who grow zucchini at times wish they hadn’t, but one of our plants never produced a thing, and the other did alright, that is, until the community garden was infested with squash bugs. All this talk though, it is making me dream of planning next years garden already. I better save that for cold, bitter nights of January.

21 11 2008

WHAT?!? Jennifer, I had no idea zucchini could be stopped. I thought it was the fail-safe plant!! My world is shaken…

Good luck with the indoor Swiss chard! And yes, I’ll be joining you on those cold bitter January nights – dreaming of what’s to come. Heck, with these current temperatures, I could start dreaming now! 😛

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