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9 01 2009

Is it time to order seeds yet? IS IT?!? It’s gotta be.

I remember this from last year, feeling like it was forever before it was finally time to order them. Last year I chalked it up to it being my first year as a GARDENER and wanting to get a jump on things. This year? Hmm. All I know is that I am ITCHING to order seeds. I can’t stop surfing seed sites like these…

I’m also hoping to do some seed trades this year… I’m not quite sure how that is done but I’ve heard that there are websites… secret websites perhaps… where one can go to do some seed trading. If you know the secret handshake and the meeting place, count me in. I’ll make it worth your while.




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9 01 2009

hey girl, there is an excellent garden discussion board on – i think there’s a seed trade/grow-a-long forum. also, get yourself a richter’s catalogue if you haven’t yet. even if you don’t order from them, it’s a cool read!

14 01 2009

Heidi – I forgot all about the forums on yougrowgirl! That’s a great idea! And I put my name in for Richter’s. Thanks so much for the suggestion. 🙂

15 01 2009

Hi! This is our first year attempting an “urban” garden on our balcony and we’ve been looking around to order some seeds too! the problem has been finding heirloom/organic seeds. we checked out ‘seeds of change’ but the cost of shipping our small order is too much…. 😦 we will try local gardens/etc but would you have any suggestions for heirloom seeds?
Anyhoo- love your blog! will definitely check out yougrowgirl forums too! 🙂


15 01 2009

Hi Lisa,

SO glad you like HPD! Thanks very much. 🙂

I’m with you – I hate paying for shipping but sometimes it’s the only way to go if you don’t have any local resources. Depending on where you live, you might be able to go to the seed seller directly or find out where they will be selling. In the Ottawa area we have Greta’s Organic Gardens She can often be found at local ‘green’ events. If you contact her, I’m sure she’ll tell you where to find her next.

Seedy Saturdays are also a good place to start. They take place all across Canada – since you’re in an urban area, you should have one taking place close to you. They happen on a Saturday, usually in February or March. To be honest, I haven’t been – I tried to go to the Ottawa one last year and somehow got the location wrong – but I’ve heard that they have seed exchanges and seed sellers there, and many (if not all!) of them should have heirloom and organic seeds. Check out Seeds of Diversity for more information

I hope this helps!


19 01 2009

Thanks so much for posting these sites. I’m starting to get excited about the prospect of growing my first garden this year…and was wondering about where to start in locating seeds. 🙂

22 02 2009

Melina said I should check out your blog when I told her how excited I am to try my hand at gardening this year now that we have a yard. I was going to order from here: but Cottage Gardiner ended up being much cheaper – both for seeds and shipping!

P.S. – It’s Melina’s friend Amy – we’ve e-mail about jobs and met at the wedding.

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