them apples

14 01 2009

One of the challenges of eating locally, is having enough space to store food for the winter. Apples for example. Apples store quite well into the winter if you keep them in a cool place, like a refrigerator. But unless you have a fridge the size of a MONSTER TRUCK, it’s kinda hard to squeeze enough apples in there to last you through the winter. A cold storage room would be even better but not everyone is so lucky.

All this to say that my apple supply has been dwindling lately. So you can imagine how happy I was to hear about Hall’s Apple Market which takes orders online and will DELIVER their local apples to four different locations in and around Ottawa. I placed my first order last week!

Apple crisp, we’re back in business.




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17 01 2009

It’s such a shame that these days many of us are pretty much forced into shopping at the big supermarkets. In England, most of the small places that sell local produce have been closed and turned into mini versions of the big supermarkets.

Food is life and yet we’re being poisoned by big business.

Happy apple eating to you.


22 01 2009
them apples: take two « hit pay dirt

[…] apples: take two 22 01 2009 So what to do with all those apples…? How about my favourite – the ever so easy apple crisp? Yes, in fact it’s SO easy, why […]

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