my new life

9 04 2009

Wow. There is a lot about motherhood that nobody told me – a WHOLE LOT. Like breastfeeding. I’d had visions of feeding my lovely Josephine every couple of hours, and in between I would fit in a run or yoga class, maybe plant some seeds, or write a blog post. HA. Yes – HA HAHAHAHAHHHAHAAA!!! Now, you certainly know that I haven’t been writing blog posts (soooo sorry), and I laugh at the idea of having enough time to go to a yoga class. But I can tell you that in the ten free minutes I usually get between when one feed ends and another begins, I have at least managed to plant some seeds. Woo hooooo! And as you experienced gardeners already know, it is JUST as exciting watching them poke their heads through the soil this year as it was last year. I just have a whole lot less time to watch them!





2 responses

14 04 2009

But just wait until the day when Josephine’s teeny fingers can help you plant those seeds!

14 04 2009

Good point Vicki. Child labour – that’s how she’ll pay me back. 😛

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