free food! free food!

13 05 2009

Have you noticed how GREEN everything is these days? You may be anxious for your garden to start sprouting green goodness as well, but who needs a garden to eat local? Spring foraging is upon us!

Wild leeks (or wild garlic, depending on where you’re from) can be found in wooded areas around this time of year. Use it like a leek and savour its garlicky zing on your tongue.

Fiddleheads OH how I love you fried up in butter. So green and yummy. I’m sure you’re one of the reasons my doctor tells me I’m as fit as a fiddle.

Morels! Unlike a lot of the edible mushrooms, the prized morel is found in the springtime. We like to saute them and add them to a bed of lettuce with some shaved parmesan. Drizzle with warm oil and you’re in heaven.

(And I’m sorry, I am COMPELLED to add this note: it doesn’t matter how many times I post about mushroom foraging, I have to reiterate the same warning: Do NOT forage for mushrooms unless you’re DARN SURE you know what you’re doing. There. Now you can enjoy your mushrooms.)




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