Something had to give…

31 07 2009

We’re all too busy these days. I don’t just mean me and my beloved. I mean EVERYONE. Society, all of us… too busy all of the time. Everytime I catch up with a friend or run into someone, it’s always the same story at both ends: “Oh I’ve been wanting to get together but I’ve just been so busy…” Et cetera. Same story… all too often. So I am no different when I tell you that I’ve had a busy couple of months – I know you are just as busy as I am, if not busier – but I want to point out that everyone I know seems guilty of this.

Maybe that’s why it’s so easy and tempting to resort to convenience foods, or so challenging to find the time to garden, or to store food for the winter. I don’t feel like I should tell you that you should make time for fresh and local food. I just know that for me it keeps my sanity in check (… and you can STOP LAUGHING GEORGE). I love looking at my packed freezer and knowing how much we will enjoy it this winter. I feel such pride in all my canned goods. And the garden! …I love watching it grow in the same way I love watching my little bean grow.

Cheers to that.




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